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August 2005


A Saddness seeps in to my seemingly delighted demeanor, a storm is coming. I feel so alone. The intensity of life is pulsating all around me. I must be handle it on my own….. and who’s to say its intense? I am becasue I feel it that way, others would say I’m being silly but that is how it is.

A winding Journey

Genius needs freedom; it cannot flower if it is encumbered by fear, or rancor.


The taste of coffee too strong, the feeling that you must work in order to [progress{?}],battling the heavy feeling that you are incapable. The white walls. The cold. The solitude. The isolated/insane personalities you are surrounded by. The winds of the past are blowing by me and I can smell the smells, taste the tastes and feel the feelings as if I am again in that world. A world created by so many intricate dynamics that the weaving couldn’t possibly… Read More »NEEW YooRK