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April 2006

The Marina

Its summer time and I feel a strong pull to the Marina. Bryan, Bryan and I went there the other day to hang out with Lee on his sailboat. Living on a sailboat, what a great way to live…….!

Rainy Day

Hang my jacket and sit in my chair, there will be no riding today.


Trying to capture pictures of Portland and its grandness……..yesterday, all I see is the beauty in flowers! Not my assignment……. but my eye could care less about an “assignment” it just sees beauty where it sees beauty.

Cruisin Skyline

Hard to beat a beautiful spring night, being one with the moto, racing through the curves on skyline Dr!

A night

This photo taken in a moment of excitement sprinkled with fear and anxiety. The mood of the picture fits the night that followed. A night that stirred some emotions…