May 2006

Cebu……..3 days left

Breakin it Down Wrapped up in the swirl of leaving my thoughts are jumbled. I’ve clicked into auto pilot mode and am just doing what needs to be done……isn’t it wonderful that our bodies can click into this mode?! My apartment is looking more and more bare. Its hard for me to leave my special little nook in the world. I’m going to miss watching over the city, watching the comings and goings of the train and listening to the… Read More »Cebu……..3 days left

A trip to Colorado.

The sunrise in Leadville. A storm approaching over the vastness to stir things up Little Jimmy, the youngest of our gang is not so little anymore! He’s got a ring on his hand and one on the way!…….crazy how you go home and see your neighbor hood pals grown. A drive to the capital city of Denver. How much is all that gold worth? Did any of it come from Leadville?


something about flying is so magical.