June 2006

Off We Go!

We all are loving this island visit. Is been nearly a week we’ve spent on this island and there is so much to explore! With our marina fee (which was so cheap) we’ve had the run of the resort (pool,hottub,movie theatre,cafe,pingpong,bowling,wireless…….. etc and lots of new boating frineds) We have Contessa fueled, lots of fresh water, engine is working well! and we are ready to head out this morning. For the next leg of our Journey. Here are some pictures… Read More »Off We Go!

Journal from day 6 at sea……OOPS

So Today I did it. I done gone and did it. I dropped my camera in the sea! Sitting on the bow, enjoying the wind, arms stretched wide, Its easy to imagine what it must feel like to be a bird. Suddenly, we get a gust of wind and its time to raise the sail, shouting motioning, lots going on, my freshly washed hair that I’ve let loose to blow wild in wind for the first time. is making it… Read More »Journal from day 6 at sea……OOPS

The Last Seven days At Sea!

Our friends in Cebu came down to the dock to see us off. How sad it was to have to wave goodbye…….we will probably never see them again! Such fun experiences we had together. It was so exciting to finally set sail after all the hard work! It was such a feeling to be pulling out from the dock, especially when you’ve got good wind and your hoisting a sail and everyone is shouting.

We are on land!

“This ethnic-themed, gloriously-designed resort hotel incorporates the natural surroundings with fine timber furnishing and local artefacts in creating a long house-like architecture. All the 456 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites unveil balconies that offer magnificent views of either the carefully manicured gardens or the awe-inspiring beauty of the South China Sea and its occupying islands” Here is the marina we are staying at for the night…..quite a contrast to the open sea. It was a strange feeling to set foot… Read More »We are on land!

Off To Singapore……..hopefully!

So its Friday and we are just about ready to set sail. Things are very exciting around the boatyard as we’re carrying out the last minute things that need to be done. Our plan was to leave Thursday, but things weren’t quite ready and the superstition surrounding sailing says never leave port on Friday………So Saturday Morning is our Day. Its going to be sad to leave our community of people in the boatyard that we’ve gotten to know. At the… Read More »Off To Singapore……..hopefully!


Here is CONTESSA! Where six of us will be living and bobbing around at Sea for at least three weeks. Isn’t she beautiful :-)?? Inside Contessa, Aimee and I are grouting the table tile so food chunks don’t get in the cracks and start to smell. If you’ll notice, we are doing it all wrong (your not suppose to use your fingers!) but that is the great thing about the project we can do pretty much whatever we want however… Read More »MAY TEN

Getting in the swing of things ~

This is the sunrise I woke to the first day I arrived. We got here late at night and so had no idea what our surroundings looked like. I was so excited for the sun to come up that I layed awake (on the sailboat!) waiting for it….and it was worth the wait. I watched as the men quietly rowed out to sea to catch fish for the day. They stared at me as they rowed by, no wave, no… Read More »Getting in the swing of things ~

Arrived in Cebu

A safe arrival to Cebu…………… After hours of flying and being fed quite well! At customs Bryan and I were quite nervous and trying very hard not to show it. In order to enter the country one must have a return ticket, which neither of us had, since we plan to sail out of the country. According to the Lonely Planet, they sometimes ask you for the return ticket and sometimes not. If they ask and you don’t have it,… Read More »Arrived in Cebu