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Arrived in Cebu

June 6th, 2006 · 1 Comment · La Vida

A safe arrival to Cebu…………… After hours of flying and being fed quite well!

At customs Bryan and I were quite nervous and trying very hard not to show it. In order to enter the country one must have a return ticket, which neither of us had, since we plan to sail out of the country. According to the Lonely Planet, they sometimes ask you for the return ticket and sometimes not. If they ask and you don’t have it, they will make you buy one on the spot! They asked Jeremy and Aimee when they entered the country…. .. Oh boy, we were standing there geting pretty nervous!

But for no need, they didn’t ask us! (huge sigh of relief)
And so now it was official, we had made it to Cebu. All the preplanning, all the changing of plans, all the doubt, all the effort it took to get the funds and go……….and we had made it! We smugly smiled relieved smiles to eachother and skipped out of the airport. Once outside we were greeted by drunk and very happy Aimee and Jeremy. This was an unexpected and wonderful surprise. They had left a fiesta the villagers were putting on (for one of our crew members, Eddie, because it was his birthday) to come pick us up because for us to find the hidden marina on our own, may cost us up to 75 bucks!

We all jumped in a Jeepney and did some crazy driving to our little marina where we have since been getting aquainted with the sea battered Contessa (she can sail in the big seas???) , our Captain Johnny an Indonesian delivery Sailor and his Crew help Eddie, who is a Fijian party man!

The schedule that seems to be developing is, wake with the sun and start working while its cool. Each of us seems to wonder to whatever chore we want to do. No one is asserting a strong hand of leadership which is so nice! In my opinion, this allows us to pull directly from our own motivation of wanting to make this a safe and enjoyable sail journey. In the middle of the day we nap/read/explore/go to town for parts. And in the evening we come back together, work, take cold showers and go to dinner at Lena’s house, where she cooks us some delicious dinners . Last night it was flavored rice and fish and eggplant with mango juice and sprite. The big plan is to leave on Monday for A three week sail to Signapore.

And so it is. So much to add, Each moment is new and exciting….and scary as hell! Hopefully I will figure out how to download pictures and then the pictures can say all the words!


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  • Pirate

    Hi Stormy…
    I am about to delivery 68ft motor yacht from Singapore to Dhaka – Bangladesh via andaman – india, Srilanka and keralla – India.
    You will love this kind of trip..anyway how can i get the old pictures of our journey on Contessa ?

    Best Wishes

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