July 2006

Time at the Miri Marina

Here is a picture of the Apartment complex we are living in. We usually walk from the apartment to the boat about 3 or 4 times a day, shuffling things back and forth and getting a release from the heat! Jeremy is cleaning the name plate for Contessa! (isn’t it coming clean nicely) This is a symbolic picture of how much Jeremy seems to care for all that goes on with Contessa. Tony! Who’s good mood the last few days… Read More »Time at the Miri Marina

The very first picture after purchasing my NEW CAMERA!!!! (thank you mom for my early Birthday present!) Fin took us to town to check out a few camera stores. I found a Cannon A530 5 mega-pixel and was quite happy. Afterwards, Fin drove on us a little “scenic Miri” drive, to test out the new camera. On top of a hill that looks over Miri is the cities First oil drill, called The Grand Old Lady, which is not in… Read More »

Getting Acquainted

After a long day of navigating our way around town, finding parts for Contessa, Johny and I ran into some friends we’ve gotten to know and went out for a beer…or two!

Reflections ~

———————————————————- ———————————————————- Gazing at the waves; I notice a pattern. growing ,changing, corruptin, dying, being reborn All change yet in this change is an unchanging flow, always new, yet always old.