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The Regatta!

September 16th, 2006 · No Comments · La Vida

They put us up at the river front hotel, where I had a hotel room all to myself with two sets of French doors that opened to the Miranda that overlooked the ocean. This was where we were to stay for a couple days while we did the short races. And then it was off to Miri for the end of the Regatta.

I was in a strange space of neither being here nor there. The book
I was reading filled that space

A picture of all the boats rounding the first marker, during the first race. Quite a grand sight. We didn’t actually win any of the races but I know we learned a ton!
This being the first time Colin had sailed in a regatta and being the most I had been called upon to work the ropes and basically the most sailing I’ve ever done! Colin was incredibly patient with me and an awesome teacher.

Man alive! Do I LOVE sailing!

We had great views of all kinds of different boats sailing. It is so beautiful to see a boat undersail and to be under sail is an amazing thing as well!

This is Chris, charting our course. He joined us on the overnight passage race from Labauan to Miri.
The three of us througholy enjoyed eachothers company. Lots of good conversations. Chris a quiet, mellow, humble kind of a guy, seems to have lived quite an extradordinary life. He was CFO of a motor company (I forgot the name!) and decided he wanted a lifestyle change and so now he is the journalist that covers the regattas around Asia. And of course there are a million interesting details in between. I think the thing that captures you the most about him is is kind demeanour and fearless questions that encourage you to open up your world to him. I think Colin and I both enjoyed the chance to talk about our lives and it was super interesting to hear more about Colin’s!

We tore a sail and had to motor much of the way. Motoring adds huge amounts to your time. We discoveredt that after about 4pm there was virtually no wind and in fact a current that took you the other way so most of the boats ended up motoring. We ended up coming in second, since we had motored so much, we knew we had no chance of placing. But the newspapers, many of whome don’t understand the regatta, took lots of pictures of us, thinking we had come in second place! The next day, we discovered our picture in the newspaper!

And upon reaching Miri, it was a big party! From 7am till midnight we drank. Here is a picture of the people from the first few boats. Each boat who came in, was awarded a case of Heineken. We put all our beer in one ice chest, sat around it and drank it. Some people had a heck of a time getting back to their boats!

Here is a picture of Colin and I. The days after the race, the docks were opened up to the public and many people came by to see the boats. Colin gave lots of tours of Reflections IV. It was a baffling concept to many of them that these boats were people’s home.

And there was lots and lots and lots of dancing. Our own yachty dancing and the traditional dance of Malyasia. Before the awards ceremony, my worst nightmare happened. A warrior dancer in full dress pulled me on stage. When he came to pick me out of the crowd I gave him a look like there was NO way in hell he was going to get meto budge. He returned the look with a hunter like intensity that said if you don’t go up there on stage I will put this sphere (that he was waving around) right through your heart. I jumped up and out of my chair in no time. I think nothing but a look like the one he gave me, would ever get me on stage. And I’m sure people were cringing for me as I cowared awkwardly on stage preying the moments in the spotlight would go quickly (which of course they lasted an eternity!)

Contessa’s crew members did quite well. Johny and Eddie! Johny captained a boat for the government of Miri that won 3 of the races (although, unfortunately not enough to take 1st place)

And after the craziness of the Regatta, life has resumed to normal (whatever normal is!) Although, we now have a lot more friends at Miri Marina as we plug away on Contessa’s engine.
Speaking of Contessa………..


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