October 2006

Not So Much

I’m not sure who’s watching this blog………but I feel the need to say…..No! We didn’t make it! (in case anyone is still holding their breathe thinking we are out at sea!) The boat was taking in a lot of water and the manual Bilge pump was not working……….To many things could have gone wrong so we turned around and agreed to do yet even MORE repairs. So, I have much more updatting to do. Stay tuned 🙂

To Thailand we go!

Oh my gosh, is this really happening! We are leaving early tomorrow, as long as the weather looks good. Wish us well! We’ve got the boat provisioned and we checked out at immigration….and we’re off! Plan is to head to Koh Samui Thailand, however plans can easily change any moment…..! Here is a photo of our new captain John and the crew. Minus Jeremy, unfortunately who decided to head back to the states and work things out with Aimee.

Engine In!

Jeremy is coordinating the ‘engine put in process’. It is a tricky operation getting a 400 kilo engine into a little bobbing boat! It took all of us working hard together. And we did it! And here it is! That is a fantastic picture to anyone involved in the Contessa project!

Jeremy arrives

Jeremy arrived right as the regatta excitment mellowed out. He came with more engine parts and lots of momentum to get Contessa up and running. Its was great to have him back. This is a picture of Jeremy screwing in the Engine blocks so we could set the engine on them. It was important to get them exactly even, so we didn’t have any trouble with alignment once the engine was in place.