October 2007

Is this true?

“You only have what you give. It’s by spending yourself that you become rich.”

Cruising the Land of Canyons

Fred had a Corvette. I’d never ridden in one before and frankly I’d prefer the speed of a moto and the feeling of leaning hard through the curves but the feeling of the speedy car hanging tight to the curves no matter how fast we took them, was an amazing sensation. You can feel the g-force, almost like in a plane. We went on a long drive through the Canyon Lands, the leaves changing and the sunset lighting and great… Read More »Cruising the Land of Canyons

Moab is heaven on Earth

What a thrill it was driving into the Moab valley. The sun was shining and the leaves are changing! It is photographers paradise down here. I’m not sure I want to leave. First thing, I set up camp next to the Colorado River and then went to fill my water bottle with spring water coming out of the red wall. Then I went to explore one of the many canyons. I was jumping across the river, scrambling up rocks and… Read More »Moab is heaven on Earth

Back on the road

A car full of Japanese tourists wanted me to take their picture and they kindly offered to take mine….. what the heck, why not! It was cold and wet riding through Salt Lake. Then I hit Green River Utah and the Sun came out. I was soo thankful for the sun. I noticed blue sky and sunshine to my right, which is where Moab is…………..so I got of I-70 and headed south. !Viva Moab!

Leaving Idaho

The leaves are turning, the busy summer season is drawing to a close, there is a chill in the air. Its time to move south! Its been a challenging summer for me, and has afforded me lots of travel! As the brisk air sets in, I’m shifting into hybernation mode. I had enough extrovertism this summer to get me through the winter, now I’d like to go somewhere and reflect and same money for my next move. It was sad… Read More »Leaving Idaho

Here I am

Here I am in action. I snapped this picture right after I had gotten up to do midnight checks.


One of the students on a cold morning had to bust a coal with his bowdrill set for the morning fire. This is a picture of him blowing his tinder bundle into flames. Being able to make fire is an incredible feeling.

One hot summer day

Here is Amy Shauna and I. Three of us worked a trip together. Wow. What an amazing trip. It is my hope that someday I will be able to articulate the intensity of it. Its difficult to describe these desert trips, they are so different than living normal everyday life (whatever that is!) Suffice it to say its very hard work laced with meaningful rewards.