December 2007


Here is a picture of the new Denver Art Museum. We walked around downtown denver the other night and Alex and Jeremy (both pursuing architect careers) explained the designs on some of the buildings. Really interesting to hear how much thought goes into a building.


I know, I know, this is a Patagonia advertisement….! But, I think the two contrasting colors (light blue and black) and painted on the brick… beautiful! And then you throw in the tree branches disrupting it all AND the fact that Patagonia clothes designers do an awesome job…..and it becomes a beautiful picture 🙂

Thanksgiving in Eagle

Thanksgiving was awhile ago but I thought I’d post a picture of all of us up in Eagle having a good ole time. Chris,Brad,Alex,Wesley, Jeremy and I. We were playing Settlers of Catan. This is my new favorite game, rising up over Monopoly! Every role of the dice something happens for each of the players.