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January 2008

The Four Of Us

———————————————————————————————————————————— Here we are! My brothers, Wes, Jeremy and my Dad. We are all living in Denver. Its strange to be living all together after having lived separately for the past few years. Its been great though, I really enjoy hanging out with my brothers and feeling my Dad’s support. And its ending soon so we all know its a special time to enjoy!


Its another morning in the life! Right now I’m reveling in the calm before the storm. I love mornings. So calm,fresh and inspiring. If I could, I would add on 2 hours to the morning and take away 2 hours from the late afternoon!

Weekend Hike

I love the weekends! Time to do whatever you want to do…feels good to be working on all those projects I think about all week long. Not to mention, getting out and moving my body through the mountains of sunny Colorado. I sure could use more of that but its hard in winter. I leave for work when its dark and get home when its dark. This morning my Dad and I went on a hike in the hogback. The… Read More »Weekend Hike

My Favorite Spot

I found a spot where I can go and center myself. I think these special spots are important for reflection and keeping your path in life filled with intention. On the way up, is this tree which I stop and look at every time. Its beauty really captures me. Perhaps its that its the lone tree on the mountain, or its wild weathered look……..whatever it is, it brings a comforting feeling. Once you climb up through the rocks and onto… Read More »My Favorite Spot

Christmas Break

I took this picture on my drive back from Portland. It was somewhere in Wyoming. What a trip back that was! I spun out on ice and my car overheated 3 times until I finally figured out the problem. I spent a lot of time on the side of the highway. And let me tell you……People are so kind! All sorts of people were stopping to help and each one had some helpful/useful information to share. I feel so lucky… Read More »Christmas Break