I love the weekends! Time to do whatever you want to do…feels good to be working on all those projects I think about all week long. Not to mention, getting out and moving my body through the mountains of sunny Colorado. I sure could use more of that but its hard in winter. I leave for work when its dark and get home when its dark.
This morning my Dad and I went on a hike in the hogback. The hogback is a special area where the Rockies meet the plains. Its got beautiful red rock and sweeping meadows. Seeing it from a plane really gives you an idea of the grandness of it. Its such a dramatic contrast. As we were hiking up the mountain I was thinking in such a creative, fun writing voice. If only I could bring that voice onto paper and write a memoir or two……..I think people would enjoy reading them! What a great feeling it would be to share to share my perspective with the world. As for now I stumble through a fear of expressing myself in the world. Why? Where did this fear develop? Doubt, awe and the possibility of so much, seem to weave together and create a stuckness I can’t seem to break free of.

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