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February 2008


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Sail forth – steer for the deep waters only, Reckless O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me, For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all. O my brave soul! O farther farther sail! O daring joy, but safe! are they not all the seas of God? Walt Whitman

Lunar Eclipse

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Here it is…..Great shot, huh! My friend Bryan, who lives in California took this photo. In Colorado it was too cloudy to see the eclipse. thanks Bryan, for the great photo


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I was checking out Paulo Coelho’s website……….pretty interesting! He believes in free downloads so you can get some of his books for free. If you haven’t read any of his books, you’ve got to! They are pretty powerful, especially when the theme of the book matches up with the current theme in your life. His artistry with the language, speaks to your heart. Above, is Christina’s (his wife) artwork, she is an artist inspired by nature! Check out her website…….


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“The meaning of the place reveals the next step in my soul’s journey. No trip is insignificant. Every time I am given a destination for travel, I am handed an opportunity to learn more about the meaning of my life.”

Lovely ~

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The energy of the sun never fades, which is our soul, so the sun in all of us, never fades. The deer searches for the source of its own musk, the woman for the source of her own power. When she attributes it to others, she empowers them. When she stops her search, she realizes the truth. ~Imagine the accomplishments if she started her search at home within herself ~ The tao of women Heres my humble abode. I really… Read More »Lovely ~


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I had such an amazing moment this evening! I looked at a book on a shelf and felt as though it had been written for me. It reminded me of a time when I opened a Van Gogh book and looked at his painting “Crows in the
Wheat field” and felt as though I was looking at myself. These are moments I wish I could experience everyday. I’ve only had them twice in my life and I feel lucky at that. I recognized the author of the book sitting on the shelf but took awhile of staring at the book for it to register. Natalie Goldberg is her name and her older book, “Writing Down to the Bare Bones” is the most incredible writing book I have ever read (and I’ve browsed through PlENTY of them). Her voice speaks to me sending shivers down my spine. Her writing affirms in myself what I know to be true, I feel free and inspired reading her words. So, You can Imagine I was THRILLED to see, that she has written a new book about writing memoirs(how perfect for me!) called “Old friend From Far Away”

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Before my meeting with Paul, (my analyst,psychologist,shrink,life coach……whatever you would call him!) I sat down to write the swirls of my mind on a piece of paper, in an effort to understand what on earth I wanted to cover in our session together. I was hoping to gather, at least, an inkling of a starting point. My ramblings quickly turned into a list. A list of the desires I have. (and now I will clog my blog with it….get it out to the universe)
Here it is:Read More »DeSIRE