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February 12th, 2008 · No Comments · La Vida

I had such an amazing moment this evening! I looked at a book on a shelf and felt as though it had been written for me. It reminded me of a time when I opened a Van Gogh book and looked at his painting “Crows in the
Wheat field” and felt as though I was looking at myself. These are moments I wish I could experience everyday. I’ve only had them twice in my life and I feel lucky at that. I recognized the author of the book sitting on the shelf but took awhile of staring at the book for it to register. Natalie Goldberg is her name and her older book, “Writing Down to the Bare Bones” is the most incredible writing book I have ever read (and I’ve browsed through PlENTY of them). Her voice speaks to me sending shivers down my spine. Her writing affirms in myself what I know to be true, I feel free and inspired reading her words. So, You can Imagine I was THRILLED to see, that she has written a new book about writing memoirs(how perfect for me!) called “Old friend From Far Away”

The New York Times has an article about a principal who came into a rough school in the Bronx and completely turned it around. He is a white Jewish fellow, working in a predominantly Black and Hispanic school. I encourage you to check out the article!! See what good things are going on in the world and a truly amazing individual working hard to make the change he can envision.

I went to a travel book Club last night for the book “Eat,Prey,Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book is about a spiritual journey she goes on to “find herself”, using the backdrop of three different countries……….Italy,India and Indonesia. This book sheds particular light on the quest and its capacity to free us to our potential. The encouraging message I got from the book was, the more your willing to risk in life, the more you’ll get out of it. A lot of women showed up for this meeting! I was in heaven talking about traveling and the spiritual journey with all these middle aged women, who had been on their own exciting adventures/quests in life and whom seemed like well developed individuals. Made me think………………….
I was so inspired afterwards I came home and watched a couple videos of Elizabeth Gilbert speaking on YouTube. (Wow. I LOVE our technology) I find it intriguing to see her mannerisms, hear what her voice sounds like, see how she carries herself, especially after reading all about her philosophies on life and her deepest thoughts.

I realized tonight how great it is to not have a boyfriend (hopefully Dan isn’t reading this, though I doubt it because he seems to be pretty good at cutting things off when its time!) For me, not having a boyfriend means I can chase my moments of inspiration and just run free with them, if they turn right I can follow if they turn left and wind around……I can follow and see what turns up. I’ve got nowhere else to be and no one else to look out for. Its a wonderful feeling. (talk to me tomorrow when I’m sad and lonely!)


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