March 2008

You Never Know

I just got back from Moab a few hours ago. Walked into my house. Strange to be back………I could have stayed in Moab another few weeks. Its always VERY hard for me to leave Moab. Hmmm. When I got home, I went straight to a yoga class with a teacher whom I really like. Tomorrow is knee surgery for me, which means no more yoga for awhile. I’m so scared! I think the scariest thing about this surgery is that… Read More »You Never Know


I love that word and I love photographing reflections.
I was thinking about it in a slightly different way last night because a movie launched me into a state of reflecting on something had hadn’t thought about, something that easily could have gone by the wayside given more time But there were lessons in it for me to learn that I easily could have missed without reflecting…….or at least it helped me put some pieces together. We are ever changing beings! Read More »Reflection

It would make my day!

I just want to say…….it would make my DAY! if anyone added any comments. I’m so curious whose reading my blog and if you have anything to say! I’m encouraging myself to share with anybody and everybody but for all I know, only two people are reading any of it! Just one little thought of yours or about a subject I’ve written about …….would be such a gift! 🙂

To capture spirit, we need to relearn how to lead with Soul…

This book came highly recommended and it is great! Its so reassuring reading about a topic I’m sorting out in life but still have a limited structural understanding of. This book affirms what I know to be true. “Wonderful lessons about leadership in a very personal story of a relationship between a teacher and a student. It is teaching and storytelling at its best.” James A Autry, author, Life and Work

Sat 75 degrees. Sun 5 inches of Snow

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Colorado! This Saturday felt like summer! Wes and I went on a motorcycle ride up to the mountains. It was incredible. Feels like ages since I’ve gotten on the moto and it felt wonderful. So smooth. Life and worries just slid away and I was immersed in motion and beauty as if it was me. We found a neat little coffee shop in the mountains and stopped for a chat and a refreshing… Read More »Sat 75 degrees. Sun 5 inches of Snow