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March 9th, 2008 · No Comments · La Vida

I love that word and I love photographing reflections.
I was thinking about it in a slightly different way last night because a movie launched me into a state of reflecting on something had hadn’t thought about, something that easily could have gone by the wayside given more time But there were lessons in it for me to learn that I easily could have missed without reflecting…….or at least it helped me put some pieces together. We are ever changing beings! Incrementally Different everyday (sometimes its as little as a mood shift. Have you ever noticed, people look different in different moods?)! Right now, I’m going through some sort of a change and I’m noting a minute perspective shift. It fascinating. its life. Its love. As I consciously immersed myself in reflection yesterday I thought about my week. WOw what a week it had been! Two very interesting workshops I went to, a Yoga session that kicked my butt, an author speaking who poured out all sorts of well thought out worked hard for lessons learned in life and obsticles he came over, new people I met through the week, A good book finished, a deep conversation/dinner with a friend who just broke off a 2 year relationship (made me reflect on my own), 2 invitations to Moab for spring break from my friends now and friends from 5 years ago! (I’ve always wanted my worlds to combine! which launched me into memories of the past)
And not to mention……..all my reflections from 5 intense school days including a ground breaking for our new school to be built which has worked for soo passionately and relentlessly. I could be doing How do I incorporate Quantum learning in my classroom? How do I move the learning from me dictating to the kids, to them making the action/movementnt in their body? Why, when I punished Maya and had her go over to Mr.McGregors classroom did she ask me, the following three days if she could please go back over to Mr. McGregors classroom?

ANd the list goes on and on………As I look for ways to fill my time and entertain myself, I realize a bit of time to sit and write and reflect would make my life more meaningful and perhaps fill that abyss that I have a tendency to fill with activity.. { insert quote }

And that also makes me think…….Trips are important! My 2 trips across the country on the motorcycle were extremely reflective meditative. I never have been more integrated with myself and at one with the cycle. Each Trip was a clear representation of an ending and a beginning in my life. Hiking the AT was also an extremely reflective meditative experience. A time to put the pieces of my life together in a way that were meaningful and built inspiration for my next big jump out into the world. Also an amazing way to meet people from all walks of life who are living their lives more creatively than I could ever conjure up in my imaginative mind. The miles hiked everyday kept my mind fresh, active and energetic. I was reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and was able to live and breathe that book. I’d read it at night by candle light (it was amazing!) and then think about it through the day, pulling my life experiences as the visualizations for the philosophies and words that Robert Pirsig was weaving.
Sailing is also a wonderfully reflective/meditative experience. Just you, your boat mates, your boat and miles and miles of ocean. Night watch I found to be especially powerful. Me. alone while everyone slept. Staring at the starts……..and thinking about my life and the various people who have come across my path and made imprints on my soul! Even though I was in the middle of the China Sea, further from anyone than I had ever been I somehow felt closer than I ever had before! I could really empathize with people in my life, I felt love for them as I gazed at the infinite starts in the sky in the middle of nowhere……. which might as well be anywhere. ironically enough I spent a few nights like this on a Sailboat named Reflections IV!

Wow, I could really get into a few of my reflective experiences, as I write I’m flooded with memories of profound reflective trips I’ve had that I want to share! My point of all of this writing is that trips are an important part of life as they give it meaning by allowing time for one to pull all the juice from their hard work and different experiences, opening and affirming channels from the lessons in those experiences/interactions/work there to be learned. Trips help to clear oneself and make room for more……….tabla Rasa!

So I guess in writing this, my soul is craving another reflective experience! I can tell this in a few ways, one of them being that I look so longing at the trains as the pass……


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