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April 2008

Visit From an old Friend

Bryan came to Boulder this weekend for his sister, Heather’s Birthday.  It was really great to see him and his family. We had an interesting Time walking down memory lane together. It had been nearly 7 years since we had been in Boulder! As we walked around town, we ran into one of Bry’s good friends. Talk about a blast from the past.  Very strange.

April Sunrise

I stayed in the mountains last night and drove to Denver early this morning for work. As I reflected on my amazing weekend, I enjoyed a wonderful sunrise the whole way down the hill. I nearly forgot I was driving to work!

Rupa & The April Fishes

I discovered this band today on NPR. Learning about them was incredibly inspiring and their music brings me to tears. Something inside of me really connects. In her interviews, Rupa talks about transcending borders and the bands entire manifestion seems to expemplify this! Their music is pulled from a lot of different styles woven together. They sing in French, English, Hindi and Spanish. Rupa splits her time between being a rockstar……and being a doctor! ( She just finished her residencies)… Read More »Rupa & The April Fishes

Signs of Summer

Our neighbors, Pilar and Diego, held a very successful lemonade stand today (over $20!) As they sold Lemonade, a little further down the sidewalk, people from our neighborhood who had wandered out of their houses towards the stand ,collected and got to know each other. I’ve got some great neighbors! What a fun event………..a Lemonade stand can be!

Surgery Time

My Knee surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my knee was reconstructed using arthroscopy surgery) went well! No big deal. To me? Yes, huge deal! But to the hospital, they do this surgery on 3 or 4 patients a day. I was glad everything went smoothly, it was done on April fools day and was Dr. Gladu’s very last surgery before he went on a 4 month break. I was a little nervous.
My mom stayed with me during surgery and then took me up to her house in the mountains to heal. It kinda scares me how I was able to spend 8 days up at her house, removed from my life, in the middle of nowhere (so quiet), watching movies, reading, www.’ng, conversing with her and some of her violin students………. and have no feelings of boredom or desire to get back into the swing of things….whatsoever! It turned out to be a very nice vacation, even though my knee hurt like hell!

Here I am on the cpm machine, which puts my knee in motion so it doesn’t get stiff. Should I really be using this thing? Don’t know exactly, many studies have shown that after 6 weeks it doesn’t matter if you used the machine or not. At least it gives the patient and sense that they are doing something to heal themselves! I didn’t use this machine on the acl surgery I had done on my other knee (which healed up no problem) so I’m kinda skeptical.

I’m back at my house in Read More »Surgery Time