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May 2008

Crazy Weekend

Wow. It was a crazy weekend! I had so much fun. And now, I’m plowing through a rigorous work week. (How do you make kids STOP talking? And how on Earth, do they have SO much to say??) I just keep thinking about the weekend. Its amazing to me how life keeps moving. Even if you want to stand still and savor moments for just a little longer…….Life moves ya right along. I’ve got a Public Speaking Class tomorrow, which… Read More »Crazy Weekend

On Education (again!)

My thoughts more often than not, always seem to come around to Education. I’m developing some strong passionate opinions about it and don’t necessarily share many of them because I feel like I’m in a world where these thoughts don’t fit. At some point in my life, it is my dream to branch out and find fertile ground for my thoughts on education and nurture them to grow.

I got together with some friends friday night and we all talked about creating our own school. It was exhilarating to see what their vision of a school would look like and what components they would add.

This morning, I was looking at an organization that my good friend is working for (Leap Now) and that I’m considering applying for. I found their educational philosophies to be almost the exact as mine! What a thrill! They articulate an educational philosophy so well, I just have to share it with you! (hold on to your hat, its long…….. Read More »On Education (again!)

Another List

Summer Time !!! I love summer time. Its such a happy, blooming time. I’m coming out of hibernation after having had, honestly, a really great, introspective winter. Now, I’m soo excited for summer! I don’t exactly know what I’m going to do yet (especially for money) but I’ve got lots of ideas cookin! Read More »Another List

Exploring Colorado

A visitor visits, like a breeze blowing through on a a hot day. I’m left with a freshness in my thoughts, a certain clarity flowing through them. Nothing like having a stranger zoom through town, with their own individual unique perspective on life, doing just what they want to be doing, to inspire you to do just what you want to do!
I feel relaxed, with the fresh air from scenic mountains and rushing rivers, connection and immense beauty 365 degrees around….circulating through me. Read More »Exploring Colorado

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Here is a great shot of Jerm working in the garage on his fuel cell. This is his big new project lately. I’m kind of hovering on the outskirts of it, hopping to get involved somehow. He met a fellow the other day who designs hydrogen cells for cars which increases the fuel efficiency by 50%!!! The fellow he met, has done some inventive work on it, something he could keep secret and probably go into booming business over but because of the strong desire to have the cars more environmental, he shared his work with Jeremy (who was thrilled) over a couple Saturdays. They got a fuel cell installed in one of Jerm’s cars, a pearly white, leather seats,shaded windows, Jetta Passat he brought back to life. Read More »Hydrogen Fuel Cells