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July 2008

Back in Denver

As I am meandering in the ‘after trip reflections’ I’m enveloped by an inspiring energy and empowering perspective on the world. Anything is possible!!

I don’t have to fit myself into the world as a round peg going into a round hole!
I can expand out, in any direction.
Check out this video

I’m trying to motivate to sit down and do a write up on our trip.  I am checking my email obsessively. Here is a poem Fred sent me. I love it!Read More »Back in Denver

Otra Vez……Moab!

I left Denver and today I’m in Moab! I was getting worried it would be hard to leave Denver because I was having so much fun and making so many connections……but alas, I left and it felt great to be leaving……and on the road. I stopped and swam in the Colorado River a couple times along the way. Once, close to where the river begins and another time closer to Moab. Its interesting how much the river changes in the short distance. The smells, the feeling, the animals, the color of the water……Read More »Otra Vez……Moab!

Freedom ~

Everything takes on its essential nature of dynamism – as opposed to the static of either/or and – and we feel the infinite nature of existence. To me, infinite refers to possibilities. We can’t intellectually comprehend infinity, but we can know freedom and that comes with removing the boundaries that define the limits that bind us. Balance lets us see this freedom. ~Tao of the Ride~