September 2008

Life in Moab

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Peggy is my next door neighbor while I am staying at Fred’s. I feel lucky to have her as my neighbor, she’s been nothing but kind. The first morning I arrived and was discombobulated and a little scared (the phones, for the motorcycle shop are spread all around the house and were ringing off the hook. I was nervous to answer them because I didn’t know any of the answers the person on the other line would ask me.) Peggy… Read More »Life in Moab

Kawasaki ZR 1100

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Thanks to Mel, Jeremy and Fred’s help, my moto is up going! Its a racy thing, it wants to speed 🙂


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Yoga on the Rocks! Aunt Ana,Ali,Wes and Jeremy

Over Labor Day Weekend, I had a lot of visitors. It was so fun for me to show them my “special” spots and explore new ones with them. Since I’ve arrived I have mostly been working, so the opportunity to spend time in the canyons swimming, climbing,exploring and visiting was extra special. I love it, when you live somewhere really great, people will come visit you! And another great thing about Moab is it in “on the way” In the short time I’ve been here quite a few people have visited who happen to be passing through. I would really like to have a motorcycle Bed and Breakfast coffee shop deal here. I know it would be a hit!

Aunt Ana :-)…….lets do it! Read More »Visitors!

Sand Flats in the AM

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In the early morning, I’ve been going up to Sand Flats and finding a rock over looking the sunken valley of Moab and the cliffs accentuating the scene.   I like to sit and think, do yoga, read and write in my journal.  During this morning time, I  get inspired to write majestic blog entries………..but then on the drive back to the house I get swamped with all that there is to get done!  And some how, my sing-songy-creative writing… Read More »Sand Flats in the AM

Tierra Roja

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I’ve moved to MoAB! Plan is to live here for a couple months help out a friend and save up some money to go do the Baja haha sailboat rally from San Diego down to Cabo San Lucas. I’m housesitting for my Fred, helping out with his Moto business and working at a coffee shop/book store. I feel like I have found my home. I LOVE Moab and all it has to offer and I’m loving being surrounded by motorcycles,books,coffee… Read More »Tierra Roja

Sunset on Longs Peak

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Before leaving Colorado, Nathan and I went on a hike up the mountain that overlooks the valley I grew up in.  It is one of those “special” spots for me, where i feel centered and inspired. You must climb to get to the top and once on top you have a 360 degree view of mountains, valley and Denver.  When  I was younger I sometimes hiked up in the morning to catch the sunrise…….a great way to start an inspired… Read More »Sunset on Longs Peak