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October 2008

En Route to San Diego

I left Moab! With tears in my eyes. I have never fallen in love with a land as deeply as I have Moab. It was heart wrenching to leave……….but at least I feel like I have a home I want to come back to. Someday! In three weeks…in Two years……who knows! I’m on my moto driving winding roads through Canyons on my way out to The boat. I can’t wait to smell the sea air and kick off my SHOES!… Read More »En Route to San Diego


Here are Bego and Miso, (two regulars who frequent the bookstore/coffeeshop) and a writer, fellow who is new to town in the back. Bego (on the left) works for search and Rescue and writes up the “minutes”, a paper describing all the rescues they’ve done in the canyons,mountains, Rivers, and Desert.  There are a lot of adventure sports going on all around, and I’m so curious to hear about the situations people get into and how they react when the… Read More »Conversations

Customer of the Day!

So, this fellow came into the bookstore carrying his IMac bigscreen computer, like it was a laptop. He asked me where there might be a plug. I set him up in kinda an odd spot because customers were using the other plugs. He got himself all set up on the floor of the bookstore with his big screen Imac. It was hilarious! A sight you don’t see everyday. I noticed how it brought a feeling of togetherness to the store.… Read More »Customer of the Day!

Two Englishmen

My time in Moab has been unbelievable. Every day, something magical seems to happen. I’m really enjoying the small town feel and being surrounded by happy people who are here because there is no place they’d rather be. The striking beauty here never dulls. Cliffs spanning into the sky, the Bright green trees, the Blue, blue sky the raging river the bright starry nights…..I can’t even capture in words. It’s simply amazing here.

Every day……….and thats no exaggeration, Everyday so far I’ve met someone or some people who are SOO interesting, I mean really.  Either in the bookstore or Moto shop.  I’d like to do a “Customer Of The Day” section for my Blog… try and illustrate some of the amazing people and stories I’ve heard!

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Freedom means, Knowing what your are suppose to be doing on this earth………………..and then simply doing it!