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November 2008

Off To Mazatlan via Blythe Spirit

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I love sailing, if not for any other reason because I love arriving……and I Love leaving! So it was great to be leaving La Paz and off to new and different cities and villages. I jumped on Ian’s boat (below) named Blythe Spirit. His boat was filled with character. A shaman had gone over it and blessed it and painted a really neat pair of eyes on it…..which was one of the first things I noticed about the boat. Ian… Read More »Off To Mazatlan via Blythe Spirit

Cabo to La Paz

Here is the boat I crewed on from Cabo to La Paz, named Marissa, a Tayana. A Beautiful boat with a teak interior. I was excited that Walter (part owner of the boat) was from Portland. On our trip we enjoyed Stumptown Coffee freshly ground in a hand grinder from (Albania….?) It became our ritual to grind the coffee each morning, for our fresh cup of coffee along with reading/writing or conversation. I so enjoyed this quality ritual each morning.… Read More »Cabo to La Paz

2nd part of Bajahaha

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Here it is, my first catch ever! With Thaddeous, showing me how to do it, I reeled this yellow tail tuna in. I won’t mention what happened after the picture was taken, to the poor tuna! In order to kill it, you pound its head with a hammer or pour alcohol in its gills and mouth….a very hard thing for me to watch. But, the tuna tasted SO GOOD! We caught 3 Tuna and 2 Marlin and more but I… Read More »2nd part of Bajahaha

Bajahaha! Leg one

I have so much catching up to do!  Wow. I got into San Diego, had an amazing time getting to know Kay (Matt’s mom) who along with Matt, were unbelievably supporting.  I also had a chance to get to know my  boat mates (quite characters, they are……..Lunasea ll (our boat name) might just be perfect :-))  and before I knew it we were setting sail, off to Cabo San Lucas Mexico!  Here is a picture of me and Barb.   There… Read More »Bajahaha! Leg one