January 2009

Canyon Sumidero

Chiapa De Corzo is located at the base of Canyon Sumidero  (1Kilometer high ) and along the Grand Rio Grijalva. The bus ride from Guadalajara took 20 hours…and included a stop and transfer in Mexico City. I would have loved to explore Mexico city but it will have to be another time for that.   For the last 12 hours there were only 2 passengers on the big air-conditioned,recliner seats, movie playing bus………so I was able to stretch out and… Read More »Canyon Sumidero

The Universal Traveler

While I was researching “Multiple Intelligence theory” for my TEFL course, I found this book. It seems like a classic……..one of those books that is timeless! To bad it will be expensive and hard for me to get a hold of in Mexico…..! Has anyone heard of it? “DESIGN is a process……. of making dreams come true“

Bus Station Encounters

I met this fellow at the station. I was trying to smoothly out of the corner of my eye see what he was reading. THe cover was turned up, so I couldn’t quite see it. Finally after a few minutes of this i got the courage up to ask him what he was reading. ” The monk who sold is Ferrari ” As it turned out……he was reading a book by the same author of the book I had in… Read More »Bus Station Encounters


Before Chiapas though………..Two days in Guadalajara for new years. I’ve always wanted to go to Guadalajara. hell yeah!  I was lucky to stumble on Hostel Maria (they have an awesome website using flash…for those of you working on websites and needing inspiration!) a Great cheap place to stay, right in the middle of a beautiful part of town near the cathedrals. Oh my! I’d like to spend more time in Guadalajara. What a beautiful city. The architecture is old and… Read More »Guadalajara

TEFL…..a break from Sailing

I absolutely love being on the water and feel as though I can never get enough of it!  But, honestly, I soo long to be in control of my own world.  Perhaps I’m a control freak, (like I accuse my Dad of being)!  I found that I was playing control games in the way I was communicating with Skip.  His scope of reality was different than my scope (naturally, I think everyone see’s reality from a different color of the… Read More »TEFL…..a break from Sailing


Finally, the boat was ready to go! We were both SO happy to be pulling out of the marina. I can’t even tell you how happy we were! There is so much cement at the marina…..the sea brings a gentle expansiveness to life. We sailed to a little village that can only be accessed by the boat. We anchored there and had one of the most unrestful nights of sleeping ever! The waves were so big, I nearly rolled out… Read More »Yelapa

Party at Christmas

Christmas! It so didn’t feel like Christmas. I hardly ever got that Christmas “feel” But, as usual we had a blast. While  Skip worked on getting the boat ready, I made up a salad (with lots of chopped vegies because by now, I have gotten quite good at it) and some salsa that Skip taught my how to make (its pretty darn good…..)  We went to Philos where lots of creative dishes. The food was delicious and everyone seemed festive… Read More »Party at Christmas

Chores and Playing

In the midst of all the work needed to get done in order to set sail……..we took a day and explored Puerto Vallarta. We both brought our cameras and were delighted to find that we have a similar eye and passion for photography! So, it turned into one big photo shoot, with lots of energetic little intereactions with different people along the way. Some times I have to pinch myself because it all seems so perfect. Skip and I’s connection… Read More »Chores and Playing


So…..the time has come again for me to find a different boat.  Wayne is heading back to the states for a couple months.  Man!  I can’t wait till I get my own boat……the process of getting settled in a new boat so daunting for me.  But! I had met Skip and spent time with him already.  He is single-handing it around the world and told me he would love to have some crew as he gets closer to Panama.  So,… Read More »Skip