Banderist Bay Blast.  I don’t even know where to begin…………or end but suffice it to say……it was a Blast!

A week of sailing….friendly racing and fun parties put on my folks,free and ready to have some fun and encouraging everyone in there wake to do the same!

Heather and Carol.  Damn their sexy.  Heather has been a lot of fun to meet.  She is very real and likes to have a good time!  She also seems to be Richard’s favorite character for “Lattitude 38!”

Here I am, during one of the paries, wearing my sexy pirate outfit (inspired by Heather!)  Our boat (Capricorn Cat) made a strong showing at this party…….we were the only ones dressed up!  But not to worry, soon everyone had mustaches…..!  Check this photo out on lectronic lattitudes.

More fun

Merry, on Cap Cat during one of the races

One of the races was down wind………meaning Spinnaker fun!

Monte invited me to crew on his boat for a couple of the races.  It was kinda hard to part with my CapCat Crew but………..a wonderful opportunity to have more time on the lines and get to know Monte and his boat.   Monte was a wonderful teacher…..letting me do nearly everything.  I had some revelations about sailing that I hadn’t had before!  I’m learning slowly……. but surely!

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