I met this fellow at the station. I was trying to smoothly out of the corner of my eye see what he was reading. THe cover was turned up, so I couldn’t quite see it. Finally after a few minutes of this i got the courage up to ask him what he was reading. ” The monk who sold is Ferrari ” As it turned out……he was reading a book by the same author of the book I had in my bag! I could hardly contain my enthusiams upon discovery of this. ANd we started chatting animately for quite some time until I had to dash out to catch my bus. He gave me a brand new book in Spanish that he had in his bag, that he reccommended I read. What a gift this is! Given our connection on the books we were both reading, I have a feeling he has given me a gem of book. Now if only I could get through the Spanish…….this will be a perfect thing to be reading while I’m in school!

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