Holy fricken Sh#$@**!! I’m trying to get all caught up on my blog for the new year and because my life is taking a different turn….But, Damn! I’ve been spending hours on this…..not to mention the emails I still need to answer….not to mention I’m in a new Mexican City I’d love to be exploring AND as I read over this Blog………I’m annoyed at my writing. Everything is fantastic,amazing,inspiring……happy go-lucky, cheery and wonderful. I hope I”m not boring the heck out of you! Everything isn’t always so AMAZING….trust me! I feel like an introverted soul….trying to live in an extroverted world….and sometimes that feels hard. Not to mention, that I’m sensitive and often take things personally that I shouldn’t! My goal is to get more honest with my writing this year! But…not to discredit what I have written………. So far, this voyage {adventure,pilgrimage,trip, viaje vacaciones,journey}(what ever the heck you call my most recent adventure) has felt profound and I’ve felt a deep happiness and freedom within that I’ve rarely touched on before.  It’s almost like I’m blooming.  I have a strong urge to share it with you who are interested….I feel its part of what I have to offer the world.  And I’m thrilled that people read and care.  I promise to try and make it better!

“Leadership is all about personal responsibility, self-discovery and creating value in the world by the people we become”

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