February 2009

Mis hermanos

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Here are my brothers, Jeremy and Wesley. If all goes as planned..they are leaving on a road trip to Columbia. TODAY! Wow. I’m counting down the days until they arrive in Chiapas for a visit. Its gonna be so great to see them! Wish them well on their journey ~ (my poor parents!…..this is what they get for raising us in such a safe environment :-))

Wind ~

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Wow. I’m sitting in a cafe right now ditching my Spanish Class.  This is the first morning here in Chiapas for the last 2 months that I’ve had the opportunity to watch the world around me waking up.  Gosh, I sure do enjoy the mornings.  It feels like such a pure time.  Fresh.  The air is cool and people are in the very beginnings of creating any painting they want for the day!  Mornings are like a big white canvas….waiting to have color splashed over it.  I’m quite enjoying the chance to not be stuffed in a cold, white classroom, crammed in little wooden desks with the smell of white-board marker permeating the room.  Don’t get me wrong, my two hours of Spanish lessons everyday have been a complete joy.  Every morning, I look forward to them.   Estare, is the BEST Spanish teacher I have ever had, by far and the dynamic in the classroom with Willow, Jon, Estare and I is so much fun.

I’m missing being able to jump on the moto and zoom off to see the countryside.  I logged onto Horizons Unlimited (a moto community…….great website to know about) and got connected to a couple people who might be able to go exploring with me via moto around Chiapas.  Hell yeah!

I also found this girl’s website who is traveling south via moto, from Alaska to Argentina.  CHeck out her website! http://www.alaska2argentina.co.uk/
On her website….I read that the Mayan New Year ended on Sunday, Feb 22.  Read More »Wind ~

Nothing like a long drive…..!

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I’ve taken the weekend to go to Comitan, a town in the mountains, amongst pine trees and ranches.  My kind of town!  It is hitting the spot.

I’m feeling……….something, and I can’t quite place it.   Deeply in love with Mexico in soo many different ways (I’ll work on a list) and……… terribly homesick for the United States.  WHat a strange mix.  Part of me will do whatever I can to be able to stay down here amongst these gentle friendly happy alive people and colorful Pueblos.  Amongst  a land that is unbelievably beautiful and diverse within such short distances.  The other half of me would give anything to  sip a good cup of coffee while going on a long walk in brisk winter air amongst square,tall, Big buildings.  I would revel in the LARGENESS  and the even pavement under my feet. On my walk, I would stop at the Tattered Covered book store, and a good local coffee shop, and go in every building that is made of lots of wood.  I would eventually stop for a good hamburger and Dark beer at a tavern type restaurant.  Big, warm and cozy.Read More »Nothing like a long drive…..!

A New Teacher in Town

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After all the craziness from the Feria in January, its been nice and quiet! And Willow a new teacher has just arrived. This weekend, she Jon and I went to explore a waterfall. I’m excited to have here around, she is a really inspiring person. On our way to the fall, we were chatting with the taxi driver and ………….he excitedly told us he had seen Jon on T.V dressed as a chunta (Mexican Woman). Its true. Wherever we go,… Read More »A New Teacher in Town


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During the month of January, for the Feria, there were parades almost every day!  It was incredible.  Really, I”ve never seen anything quite like it.  This particular night was the last parade of the Feria.  We watched it from the balcony of Javiers’s house (on the right in blue) and were invited for lunch and dinner and……as the night wore on it erupted into Salsa dancing!…..and only Toné is talented enough to dance while balancing a bottle of Tequila……!


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Here are my fellow Teachers here in Chiapas. In the middle is Jon’s host mom who got us all dressed up for the very special opportunity to dance as a parachica during the Feria (a month long festival in January) She has been so kind to us and inclusive of sorts of activities going on around here that we would otherwise how no idea about. Here I am! I was a little apprehensive about marching around in the heat of… Read More »Parachicos