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Nothing like a long drive…..!

February 22nd, 2009 · No Comments · La Vida

I’ve taken the weekend to go to Comitan, a town in the mountains, amongst pine trees and ranches.  My kind of town!  It is hitting the spot.

I’m feeling……….something, and I can’t quite place it.   Deeply in love with Mexico in soo many different ways (I’ll work on a list) and……… terribly homesick for the United States.  WHat a strange mix.  Part of me will do whatever I can to be able to stay down here amongst these gentle friendly happy alive people and colorful Pueblos.  Amongst  a land that is unbelievably beautiful and diverse within such short distances.  The other half of me would give anything to  sip a good cup of coffee while going on a long walk in brisk winter air amongst square,tall, Big buildings.  I would revel in the LARGENESS  and the even pavement under my feet. On my walk, I would stop at the Tattered Covered book store, and a good local coffee shop, and go in every building that is made of lots of wood.  I would eventually stop for a good hamburger and Dark beer at a tavern type restaurant.  Big, warm and cozy.

For now, I made an afternoon of going to an American movie, where visually I could be back in the States. In the middle of a the hot sweaty buzzing day, I ducked into the air conditioned theatre and entered a world of bliss.  The actress had blonde hair!  And she was holding a paper coffee cup and she was wearing a scarf! because it was cold!  and she was driving! and she had her own apartment that had carpet and big wooden bookshelves, filled with books!  They ate at normal restaurants and taverns…………and they even spoke  English!  Ahh, I was in heaven.

The quote at the end of the movie was:
Afterwards, full of thought from the movie I jumped on a bus and took a 4 hour bus ride up in the mountains to the town of Comitan (the last town biggish town before Guatemala)  I entered another world of Bliss, the world of thought about my life as I looked out  the window at unfamiliar countryside and indigenous people I know nothing about.

I feel life so intensely, I can get over stimulated quite easily at all the new sights and smells and interactions.  I  empathize deeply with people and there situations……. I’m not sure what to do with all this feeling or thought.  I’m sure I’ve got a book in me……..just waiting to come out!
I love bus rides, motorcycle rides, plane rides and sailing…..because for me, they are so conducive to thought.  It almost seems like a necessary thing for me……..a time for reflection.   I mentioned to my good friend Julia about how analytical I am.  SHe disagreed and pointed out that I synthesize, not analize.  THis fascinated me.  I had never thought about it like.  She is so right!   These times of reflections are bliss full for me because I’m putting together an assortment of conversations,smells,sights,feelings,thoughts……all of which are helping me create meaning and purpose in my life.

I’m in Comitan, a town in the mountains, amongst pine trees and ranches.  My kind of town!  It is hitting the spot.
Speaking of feelings and memories…….as I’m writing this, I’m inside a little coffee shop, looking out at a beautiful cobblestone plaza where a gentle breeze is blowing through the pine trees sprinkled throughout the plaza.  It has that special sunday feel.  Men are dressed in cowboy hats and boots and women in colorful dresses with shawls wrapped around their shoulders.  The sound of the wind blowing through the pine trees brings  such a feeling of home to me!  It reminds me of going “exploring” in the mountains behind my house when I was growing up and scheming up a plan to build a t-pee and live in it and sit around the fire in the middle to stay warm through the snowstorms of winter.  I was very serious about this!)  Even got so far as cutting down the dead trees as poles for my t-pee!
As I’m looking out and absorbing the scene of the plaza ….I’m listening to a melodic violin classical piece of music……….one I’m VERY familiar with.  My mom’s quartet used to play it over and over when they had rehearsals at our house in the mornings.  The music brings tears to my eyes.  Its SO familiar.   Hearing the violin is like being able to have a conversation with my mom.  Its so much of  her essence.    It hits me deeply, in way I can’t even begin to explain!  (I bet Virginia Woolf could, she has a way of putting words to those moments in time filled with feelings



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