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March 2009

Dreamy, oh so Dreamy!

Riding on the moto from San Cristobal to Palenque was even better than I imagined it to be (is that possible???) It was truly an experience I will always remember. THe land is beautiful. I mean stunningly beautiful. Green mountainsides, sweeping views of valleys far below, indigenous peoples in there colorful clothes everywhere. The air was Full of oxgen and smelled soo fresh. The road was wonderfully twisty and remained that way for 5 hours!! And Ryan was a great… Read More »Dreamy, oh so Dreamy!

Moto Adventurists……..!

My plan was……..go to Lake Montebellos which I have been hearing so much about and spend a quiet few days by myself in nature, in the fresh cool air, reflecting on the last leg of my journey and revisiting my values and goals and articulating a plan. BUT……all intentions were put to the wayside when I came upon a hostel that had BMW motos loaded for traveling out front. I wanted a ride SO bad that all my shyness’s {se… Read More »Moto Adventurists……..!

Cool Breeze

So….I’ve got a few days free. Yippee. The question is, what to do with the free time, there is SO much to see and I feel like I don’t want to miss any of it because who knows when I’ll be back. First place………..San Cristobal, otra Vez. The pueblo in the moutains at 7000 feet, offers cooler days and down right cold nights. It feels soo good. I never thought I’d say that, I really don’t like the feeling of… Read More »Cool Breeze

A sound Culture

So, I’m still In Chiapa De Corzo waiting for my brothers who have been having a wonderful time in Mexico City. I sure hope they don’t decide to stay there! So right now, I’m not teaching and I’m very much enjoying being able to leisurly walk around and have conversations with people and spend more time learning about the surrounding jungles and the indigenous communities sprinkled throughout the mountains. Yesterday early morning I went to the market as it was… Read More »A sound Culture

Special Place

Here is my special place ~  I really enjoy the tranquility of the ex-convento in Chiapa De Corzo.  I’ve spent many a day, producing lesson plans there!

San Cristobal

I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Anja, in San Cristobal. She and I had met in Guadalajara and had a great time together. She is traveling on her bicycle from Alaska to……..?! who knows! What an adventure it has been for her. She has met tons of people and has lots of stories….but she’s kinda humble so you gotta pull it out of her. 🙂 Right now, she is assessing the situation ahead of her (Guatemala… Read More »San Cristobal

Going to Columbia with my brothers!

Omigosh! All the timing has worked out perfectly and I’m going to jump in the little red car “big red” with my brothers and head to Columbia.

Ann visits!

Yeah! Ann is visiting. Its Awesome to have her visiting. We are exploring Canyon Sumidero, San Cristobal and waterfalls and ………who knows! Its soo fun being a tourist and not stressing about lesson plans. She brought me good coffee and yummy DARK chocolate and the article of me from Lattitude 38 (my precious 30 min of fame in the world!) Lucky me. We reflected a lot on our time in Puerto Vallarta during the Banderas Day blast and with Heather… Read More »Ann visits!

Last Day of Classes!

I had tears in my eyes as I said goodbye to my students on Friday.  Before every class each of the students say hi teacher and kisses you on the cheek and then as they leave they do the same.  I really appreciate the happiness,life and love that I have felt from all my students!