April 2009


Wow. What a thing that has sweeped through world! I’m on Isla Holbox right now, (just off the coast of Yucaton) and the kids have school canceled until May 8th. Lucky kids! I haven’t seen any signs of the flu except everyone around me reading the papers and fellow travelers wondering about their future logistics. Is it going to get worse? Thats the big question.


This photo was taken by Andy……..a fellow I met at the marina who’s photography is awesome!  I went kayaking with him and his friend for a day and got a chance to see lots of boats and dolphins and even sharks!  What fun we had!


I’ve been hanging around one of the marinas lately. Larry took this picture of me, on a tour of the island on his golf cart. This island is so beautiful. The marina, to me, it is one of those places thats like hidden jewel. Almost nobody knows about it. There I have found a little community full of friendly, adventurous people with all sorts of backgrounds and stories. Last night we sat around playing guitars, accordian and singing pirate songs! … Read More »Exploring

Muy Amable

Everyone on the island, has been so incredibly friendly. I met a random fellow who lent me plently of money and then my mom wired me a little bit to get by (I need to find work NOW! Another fellow bought me the most extravagant breakfast I’ve had yet…….Its been really wonderful feeling so taken care of and trusted by complete strangers. I’m making friends on the island and it makes it tough to leave, not to mention the beauty… Read More »Muy Amable


Oh my goodness. I did it. Just what I’ve been afraid of doing……for the last 6 months. I lost my little “bolsa” which has ALL my money in it. Doh! Don’t ask me why I put ALL my money in there, I Keep asking myself that over and over and am getting sick thinking about what I should have done! I was sitting on the malecon (boardwalk) looking out over the sea (dreaming of sailing to Cuba and wondering what… Read More »OOps

My good Friend, Garance

So, as I write this entry, I’m still in a bit of a transitional space because Garance has found a sailboat to Cuba.  Since I split ways with my brothers, I sent an email to Garance to see where she was.  She happened to be where I was going!  So she gave me some good advice to naviate through Cancun quickly and cheaply get to Isla Mujeres……where there were sailboats going places!  We’ve been exploring/hanging out/talking to people/reading/swimming/tanning….for the last… Read More »My good Friend, Garance