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June 2009

One of many……..grand views!

After a super windy night of camping and some hot temps and some getting used to the moto….We arrived in Yosemite. I was not NEARLY prepared for the GRANDNESS I would be enveloped in for the next week. All I could say the time was “Its SO grand”. The trees are towering, the rock faces stiking, the valley with the beautiful river babbling through……it is really incredible. I understand why people come from all over the world to see this… Read More »One of many……..grand views!

The well known…Monterey Bay Aquarium

Absolutely incredible! So much to see. The exhibits were SO well done. Matt,Sally (his sister) and I meandered from room to room in awe at all that we were seeing.The choreographed music and gentle wavy motion in the tanks lures you into another world. At 6pm,closing time, we had to leave having seen not even half of what there was to see. Incredible! My favorite exhibit was the seahorses…..”Caballo del Mar”. Here is an enthusiastic review, among thousands….. If you… Read More »The well known…Monterey Bay Aquarium

Renting a Hog……

Here we are on the Harley! I left my bike at California Motorcycle Adventures, where the owner,Scott put new tires on and tuned it up for my trip back to Colorado. Matt and I zoomed off on the Harley towards Yosemite (with all our gear on of course!) via his sister’s house in Monterrey. California Motorcycle Adventures………Please check out their site! Go to the About Us —-> testimonials tab on their website and read about our trip and others, pictures… Read More »Renting a Hog……

Cruisin Cali

On my way up to San Jose, I found myself in 90 degree heat and jammed up in traffic. Yuck! This is where California law comes in handy…. Lane splitting for motos! So after some self talk, and pure impatience, I got up enough courage to weave in and out of the traffic jam for an hour. It’s a good feeling to be zooming past everyone and it was a little triumph for me, getting over this fear. I rewarded… Read More »Cruisin Cali

Trying to keep up!

So much happens in life and Its a huge challenge to keep up with everything on my blog. Its really important to me because some moments feel so magical, I just have to share!

Picking up my Moto…..but

Where are my jacket and helmet????? No where to be found. Grr. I’ve been hanging here for a couple days waiting on a call or email from Louay to get my helmet and jacket. Nothing. They have a helmet law here, so I can’t fire it up and take it anywhere without a helmet. But I saw “ole Zephy” as Fred calls it 🙂 and it is looking pretty!! I sat on it and was flooded with emotion. I’ve come… Read More »Picking up my Moto…..but

Welcome to…..San Diego

So, shortly after flying with Matt, I was flying on a big commercial airliner to San Diego. What an exciting landing. The line up brings you right over down town. I’m told pilots don’t like to land here because its like coming into a hole. On the flight, I read. I read all about Plane Crashes! I didn’t choose this……it just happened to be the next chapter in my book. ha! Very interesting. When I was getting off, the stairs… Read More »Welcome to…..San Diego


So exciting!! On a moto ride in the mountains, Matt suggested we go flying the next day. Hell yeah!! He scheduled a 9am flight. Turned out to be a beautiful day, with lots beautiful views of the snow covered mountains and action packed lakes. What an AMAZING sensation flying is! And to see the world from that perspective is so special. It was incredible to see how how man has developed the land and to see the way the front… Read More »fly…….iNG!