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Bad Mood :-(

June 1st, 2009 · No Comments · La Vida

A bad mood has creeped over me like the clouds creeping over the land. I wonder will it dissipate as if it was never there….or will it build into a storm? Its interesting taking the objective perspective on yourself. In doing so, it makes me sooo curious about moods. What are they? How does a bad mood build? How does is dissipate? Moods certainly color your outlook on life. Instead of looking through my usual yellow tinted glasses I’m looking through dark grey glasses…….and everything is different!

I was driving and My arrow turned green. I didn’t zoom off right away and the car beside me (not behind me……..there was no car behind me) HONKED, LOUD. I was pissed. What the hell? Why do they care? I wanted to let them know they were number one in my book….but luckily I refrained. Perspective is everything. Had I been in a good mood, I probably would have assumed they were kindly letting my know my arrow was green so I wouldn’t miss the slim window “to Go” that it provides.

But! my reaction could also be a bit of a cultural shock as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED to be back in the United States but there are certainly things I miss, in my heart, about Mexico. One of them is the driving scene. Here a honk is most often a pissed-off gesture. In Mexico, it is a friendly way of communicating. And in Mexico, they drive fast, they have little cars and they utilize the space on the road. Here, (to me :-)) the driving scene seems very safe, isolated,lonely and boring. Every once in awhile, someone will race with me….but its not like Mexico. Here we have LOTs of big cars and you can tell the drivers are more in the world in their car than the world outside of there car. Shaded Windows up, Ac on, Movie or GPS on,…….In Mexico, it feels like they are alive to the outer world! You can easily make eye contact with them,zoom past them, or hedge over so you they can zoom past you. There are about 5 communications to our 1. Does that make sense? Its a hard thing to describe but I feel it so strongly.

So when this person Blasted their horn at the me the other day…….I had a lot of thoughts! and anger 🙂


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