Here we are on the Harley! I left my bike at California Motorcycle Adventures, where the owner,Scott put new tires on and tuned it up for my trip back to Colorado. Matt and I zoomed off on the Harley towards Yosemite (with all our gear on of course!) via his sister’s house in Monterrey.

California Motorcycle Adventures………Please check out their site! Go to the About Us —-> testimonials tab on their website and read about our trip and others, pictures included! (that is as soon as Matt uploads it :-))

Scott and his wife were incredible. The kind of people that you meet in life and feel like you’ve know them forever and feel like they are taking quality care of you. Its so simple as that they are smart and inspired and doing what they love! They totally make me think of the New York Times article that I wrote about the other day. An academically trained person putting themselves in an environment that feels more tangible.

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