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The well known…Monterey Bay Aquarium

June 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment · La Vida

Absolutely incredible! So much to see. The exhibits were SO well done. Matt,Sally (his sister) and I meandered from room to room in awe at all that we were seeing.The choreographed music and gentle wavy motion in the tanks lures you into another world. At 6pm,closing time, we had to leave having seen not even half of what there was to see. Incredible! My favorite exhibit was the seahorses…..”Caballo del Mar”. Here is an enthusiastic review, among thousands…..

If you loved the WOW factor of “Jellies of the World” exhibit last year and wondered how MBA would surpass the expectations of members and visitors, let me tell you, the awe-inspiring Seahorse exhibit that opened on Monday, 4/6/2009, is an adult and child’s fantasy land come true! From the beautifully crafted, hand-made wrought iron entrance gates to the elegant snow-globe Seahorse tanks, people paused, gazing at nature’s living treasures, seemingly entranced by one brightly colored coral tank, after the other. It is a huge hit! The 8 hour drive up to see the seahorses was more than worth it.


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  • Everette

    Can you believe I use to live in Monterey for two years. I visited that aquarium quite often, I could’ve swore you stole that pic from me actually. The more remarkable time was when they had a great white shark in the big tank for a short period, it was one of the most remarkable sights I’ve ever seen, ask me to tell you about it if you ever get your butt back here

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