July 2009

Back on the road….

One thing about Motorcycling and Sailing. I LOVE the excitement of arriving, I LOVE the connections there, and I LOVE the reflection after leaving ~

Visiting Matt,Stephany…and RIVER!

My cousin Matt, in San Francisco is a big reason I wanted to make sure I went through San Fran. He and Stef…….and especially there new little one, River were a delight to visit! They treated me to a delicious sushi restaurant by their apartment, what a treat! And River……I could go on and on. I kept asking them if I could hold him. He is such a cutie! Almost the entire time I saw him he was smiling. Matt… Read More »Visiting Matt,Stephany…and RIVER!

Watch out for the Ghosts….

Ann lives in the Marina district, right by fishermans warf and Fort Mason.  She took me on a tour of the scenic area.  At one point, we cut across the lawn at Fort Mason, where a wedding reception was taking place inside.  As sneaky as we were trying to be…we weren’t able fly under the radar.  A hyper, young brother and sister spotted us and came running down from their perch, to greet us and warn us of the ghosts… Read More »Watch out for the Ghosts….

San Francisco

After an amazing 10 days in Yosemite (so incredible……It would be a fun writing project to try and articulate it!) Matt and I had to say our goodbyes and I zoomed off to San Francisco to visit Ann and Matt and Steffani for a few days. I arrived at sunset and was in awe at the beauty of the city…..the yellow light was casting warmly on. Ann in her apartmet! So wonderful to visit with her and stay in her… Read More »San Francisco

So many views…we can’t put my cameras Down!

If you look closely, you can see climbers on the rock!  I would LOVE to do this climb someday. A Beautiful river flows through the valley.  Matt and I went swimming a couple times and marveled at the views all around us.  Is this place for real?