February 2010

Not feeling the Flow

Wow. I think maybe, for once, I can empathize with people who travel and don’t like It?  I’ve always loved it and coulndn’t for the life of me understand feeling any different.  In fact, I felt kinda envious of people didn’t like it.  What would it be like, to NOT want to ALWAYS travel?  To me, it sounds like a form of content! Just now, I bring my own coffee mug to fill with coffee (saves trash)…..they think I’m totally… Read More »Not feeling the Flow

Orlando, Floida continued

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This is called the international course of Avatar.  Naturally this very much attracts me and always will.  Other cultures are so fantastic to experience.  I was having a conversation with a fellow (from Holland) who said” culture, divides you up and prevents you from experinecing yoru WHOLE self…because there are a lot of cultural norms and such, that keep in a certain place.  I agreed with him, saying that learning you cultures is like learning parts fo your self, it… Read More »Orlando, Floida continued

Orlando, Florida

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So here I am.  By some amazing miracle (which I wasn’t sure was possible, I’ve made it here!)  This is where I would like to insert a picture of Blue skies, palm trees and the pool I’ve been hanging out by at lunch time…but I can’t figure out how to upload pictures because it isn’t working how it used to!  Anyway, just imagine the sun on your face, the wind blowing through the palm trees, sunglasses, happy,open people, water,oranges,barefeet……..beautiful sunset… Read More »Orlando, Florida


Hello ~ As it is winter…….I’m hibernating and spending a lot of time reading my books and working on little projects, when I’m not working.  I work from 3 till 10pm and have the mornings all to myself.  I’ve really been enjoying the schedule.  I don’t get lonely in the evenings because I’m working and get to enjoy coffee and sunshine and news of the new day,through the mornings.  Though its been pretty mellow, I’ve committed to riding my bike… Read More »Avatar