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February 9th, 2010 · 2 Comments · La Vida

Hello ~

As it is winter…….I’m hibernating and spending a lot of time reading my books and working on little projects, when I’m not working.  I work from 3 till 10pm and have the mornings all to myself.  I’ve really been enjoying the schedule.  I don’t get lonely in the evenings because I’m working and get to enjoy coffee and sunshine and news of the new day,through the mornings.  Though its been pretty mellow, I’ve committed to riding my bike through the winter, so I sometimes get to have adventurous rides to and from work on my bicycle. watch out for black ice….yikes!! (lets just say, I’m trying NOT to notice the little rips on my brand new, Patagonia winter jacket…….)

My new excitement as of late is to explore my mind, consciousness.  I’m committing to a 9 day class in Orlando, Florida.  Yippee! Its been a cold winter and I’ve been taking care of my roommates dog while he goes to all sorts of places.  I must say, I see him coming and going and packing and unpacking…a little longingly.  Its so exciting to think about all the different worlds “out there” and amazing people living their lives.  For the most part, I’ve been happy to stay home but I must say……..around Feb I get antsy for a little change.

This opportunity of exploring my consciousness………..fascinating!!  It explores questions, like why do we do what we do,what are some of our hidden beliefs that we are unaware of, provides skills to reduce resistance and remove obstacles,skills to develop strengths out of perceived weaknesses.  Its truly the stuff that life is made of……for me, in my mind at least!!

In the spirit of the Alchemist, follow your heart ~ I’m going for it!  I requested work off, which was very scary because I’m in training for a new position (higher pay!) But they said OK.  Yippeee!

Now I just need the money :-).  And so, I’m putting it out to the universe……… Can I borrow money from you?  Anyone?  I can keep up an informative/inspiring blog dialogue of my “exploration of consciousness”  perhaps some of you can go through it with me!

Anyone who can lend me any money…..I’ll make up a contract and payment plan to get that money back to you by a specific time.

Thank you thank you thank you! Your support (financial and especially through your comments) helps me feel like a member of this planet and connected (sometimes its dreadfully lonely out there!) And I in turn, hope to offer an intimate glimpse into a fascinating world.

Discoveries you will make are the beliefs and belief systems contained in your own consciousness.  Some of these may be immediately apparent while others are transparent, meaning that you perceive and act through them without realizing it..  These transparent beliefs affect the understanding and workability of everything else.

Would love to hear any thoughts……..if you all haven’t given up on me, its been so long since I’ve written!


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  • Bryan

    Excellent! Great to see you’ve started writing again and looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!!!!

  • Anja

    Hey Laura!
    You’ re back in the www, that’ s great! Maybe I should read some of that stuff, too, to find out what’ s going on with me ;-).
    Keep on writing, I like to read what you write – and how.
    And one day I’ ll update my blog as well…

    Your german friend

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