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Orlando, Floida continued

February 15th, 2010 · No Comments · La Vida

This is called the international course of Avatar.  Naturally this very much attracts me and always will.  Other cultures are so fantastic to experience.  I was having a conversation with a fellow (from Holland) who said” culture, divides you up and prevents you from experinecing yoru WHOLE self…because there are a lot of cultural norms and such, that keep in a certain place.  I agreed with him, saying that learning you cultures is like learning parts fo your self, it opens you up more.  For example, when I speak spanish, I express a different side of myself than I do when I speak English.  I feel a little bit different.

After an exercise that we had done (for hours), we got in a circle of about 10 to debrief our experience. I found myself sitting in a circle full of Dutch people.  They were talking about what language to speak and since I was in the group, and don’t understand a lick of Dutch, they chose to speak English.  Imagine!  Being able to choose which language to speak about very personal,deep,feeling,abstract concepts, in. Wow.  I found this particular inspiring, in that they articulated their feeling in such an accepting,creative way…..AND they were given lots of space to talk before anyone jumped in on them.  It was a different feel in lots of ways, than talking with a group of Americans and I loved it!  Just to feel something different and to feel the level of acceptance and understandings and communications.  Extremely inspiring.


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