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March 2010

No Pain, No Gain! No!

At my current job, in cubicle world, there are ALWAYS thousands of digital documents to file away (my official title is INDEXER)  The queues are uploaded continuously, meaning, that you can’t  see that you’ve made any progress. GRRR.  I imagine, this violates a major principal of motivation: awareness of your progress. Pulling out from the “This is very un-motivating job” perspective, to the much  larger perspective;  This means that thousands….millions? of Americans are struggling to pay their mortgages and needing… Read More »No Pain, No Gain! No!


Here is the little guy I’ve been babysitting.  I’ve been having such a wonderful time with him.  I watch him in the morning and then go to work in the evenings.  At the office, in my cubicle, I’m filled with great memories of my interactions with him.  His smile (you can get the sense from this picture) is such a happy smile.  Its like he’s smiling from the collective happiness of the world.  You can’t see his smile and not… Read More »Introducing………Sebastian!

A must see event!

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if Terry Gross, from NPr is your hero, like she is mine! What follows, I’ve taken, directly from here; A Fresh Look at NPR ‘Fresh Air’ Host Terry Gross By Betsy Rothstein on Mar 25, 2010 01:09 PM NPR on location presents: “ALL I DID WAS ASK: TERRY GROSS ON LIFE BEHIND THE MIC” The event is Thursday, June 17 at The Town Hall. Tickets go on sale today beginning at noon. Reserved seats (priced from $40-$50) are available through… Read More »A must see event!

Mindful Life

Recently (last couple of years) I have made fast acquaintance, with a couple x-monks whom – happen to have recently  left their order (one in Italy and one in the U.S).  They have contrasting personalities  and I’ve had fascinating conversations with both of them.  And so, the relationships I had with them coupled with my Love of the old Monastery in Chiapa De Corzo (where I banged out my lesson plans everyday) and my recent enthusiasm for meditation (Thanks in… Read More »Mindful Life

The Drudgery of Work

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Here is the outside of Cubicle Land!  Inside this building is where I spend about 7-8 hours of my day.  Yikes!!  It is just as square and uniform as it is on the outside.  I could seriously write a whole blog about this world.  I would call it Cubicle Land Chronicles. I would write about the issue’s with chairs (fights break out over these silly chairs!) the lovely irritable emails I’m greeted with at the beginning of my day, from… Read More »The Drudgery of Work

Links Are coming!

On my update………I lost all the Links! Such a variety I had. It is forever fascinating to me, what people are up to in their lives and the variety and depth of information that they compile for others. I’m working to find them all again. What a process. But I should have them posted by the end of the week…!

Tattered Cover, Denver Colorado

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This is my favorite book store of all time!! I love this place. In here, I feel so connected to the world and to people’s passions. If I’m ever out of sorts, it is here ,where I will come. And it is here, where my good friend (more honestly, x-boyfriend) knows not to come if he doesn’t want to run into me :-)!

Moral Dilemma

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Its a mild one. Here it is: Do I, purchase my ink cartridges for my printer from  The company is comprised of monks who are earning money for their monastery and giving the rest of it to charity and whom (I’m told) operate with high integrity.   OR; do I buy my ink cartridges from a company that have a good deal going on right now for frequent flyer miles 10miles/$1 ??? Both of these options; I’m happy to… Read More »Moral Dilemma


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I got my motorcycle out yesterday. Omigosh!!! I think I was smiling the whole ride. Sooo fun to be zipping along and feeling the wind on my face.  Especially, after pedaling hard all winter. yipppeeee!!  I feel like the wind on my Zephyr 🙂 (which means West Wind)