April 2010

Here is a company from Great Britain that is really inspiring.  I’ve never heard of these smoothies before but apparently they are quite popular.  Check out the U-tube video to listen to their philosophy.  Its inspiring!  Their company is a “green” company but according to the owner, its not because it could drive sales up but because he wants people to bring themselves to work, their care and concerns about the environment and be in integrity with what they do… Read More »

This time last year……

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I was exploring, San Cristobol De Las Casas, a town in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.   The array and spectrum of experience that are woven together, shaping the lives of each individual each individual on this planet, continually amazes me!    To live this woman’s life would be so far from anything I’ve ever experienced , that Its difficult to even imagine.

Its definitely spring time which means…..

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gardening! This is Peggy, my friend in Moab.  She has a beautiful garden that produces all sorts of delicious and colorful treats.  If I were to garden……..I would probably use her garden as a guide!

Train on Bridge

On my bicycle ride to work, along the creek, I see all sorts of interesting sights.  Its a very happy ride….There are various waterfalls and all sorts of people out enjoying the warmth, with their dog or their book or their friend or their bare feet dipped in the water.  Its like watching everyone slowly wake from winter mode and sleepily open out, into to the sunshine of Colorado spring!


“I felt at times one thousand capacities spring up in me and I wanted to chase them all down and make every last one of them manifest.” ~Virginia Woolf from her book; The Waves

Its Spring Time!

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Yep, its official.  On a walk the other day, Sebastian and I came across a brilliant burst of color!