May 2010

Unsettled? Me?…No!

Guess what. I think I’m unsettled.  I can just hear all my good friends chuckling.  When am I ever not unsettled, is really the question.   At least I’m never bored, I’m mostly passionate, a bit scattered, generally happy and sometimes overwhelmed… There is So much to learn in life!!!! I’ve been dedicating each month this year to one of  the various things that I think about all the time but never quite put as much energy/focus/time into as I would… Read More »Unsettled? Me?…No!

Reading on the Cliffs

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One of my very favorite things to do is;  ride my motorcycle up to Golden, hike up to the cliffs, do yoga on the mesa, then perch myself on a rock with my feet dangling from the edge, the sun warming me to the core, and absorb the art of wordsmiths.

Sunny Sunday Ride

My Dad and I set out for a motorcycle ride early Sunday Am.  To our delight, it was a beautiful warm sunny Colorado day!  Especially enjoyable because of a forecast of snow later in the week.  We met at his house and then roared up to a sunny coffee shop in Golden to enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast before heading up into the mountains.  At the coffee shop, we ran into my Dad’s boss and his family  We sipped our coffee and visited with them and got to know their cute little girls  who were all dressed up in pretty pink dresses for Mothers Day.  While we were chatting with them, I was glancing around and when my eyes set on a familiar face my heart leaped out of my chest…..Read More »Sunny Sunday Ride