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Unsettled? Me?…No!

May 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment · La Vida

Guess what. I think I’m unsettled.  I can just hear all my good friends chuckling.  When am I ever not unsettled, is really the question.   At least I’m never bored, I’m mostly passionate, a bit scattered, generally happy and sometimes overwhelmed…

There is So much to learn in life!!!!

I’ve been dedicating each month this year to one of  the various things that I think about all the time but never quite put as much energy/focus/time into as I would like.  If I’ve had this thing on one of my “Lists”  (I am the list queen) repeatedly in the last 2 years, then I turn it into something to focus on for  one of the 12 months of 2010.

Last month (April) was Yoga month.  Wow.  Here again I’ve been humbled at how many dedicated folks there are out there, how much understanding I don’t have of Kinesthetic and body awareness and how each movement affects your pshycologly.   I feel like a get a new profound understanding of the mantra “Everything is connected’ each yoga session.    For the month of April, my body was constantly yoga-tized and felt absolutely  fabulous.  Its been amazing to be applying a new life philosophy to physical challenges than the one I’ve lived my entire life.  My old philosophy, No pain no gain…run, run, run harder.  If your not in pain, your not going to get better.  I dreaded soccer practice.  The new philosophy I am playing with is: Understanding, awareness and compassion acceptance and curiosity.  And I would argue, I’m improving more than I did at soccer.

More importantly, I’m learning a ton and experiencing myself differently in the world.   More confidently, (something I imagine I will forever be seeking)   In the Yoga month, with sessions nearly every day, I can honestly say I never dreaded a yoga a single session.  Working them into my schedule had me doing logistical headstands.  Gosh. I could actually write a ton about this and in fact would love to dedicate not only a month but an entire Year to my yoga study.  Seriously.  And this feeling is what leads to feeling unsettled.  I feel like  I can’t……do this because I’ve got so many other interests!

This month is investment month.  Holy Cow so much to learn!!!

I’ve set up an account through ScotTrade and invested in Oil!  I went to a RichDadPoorDad seminar and learned all about the MacD indicator.  I’ve spent two Saturdays and a couple week days with my “investor Mentor” whom I feel lucky to have met at Einstein bagels.

He has kindly agreed to teach me what he knows (which as a lawyer, real estate broker, Entrepreneur and successful (currently) investor) Is a lot!

He’s got a brash way about him that I find challenging not to react to, (I have thin skin after all) He describes the Tattered Cover in Denver as a bookstore for the hippity, dippity crowd of vegan, tree hugging do-rights.

All this aside, he has kindly and graciously spent hours with me, explaining the basics, giving me books on Tape, allowing me to view all the details of his impressive portfolio, How to Cd’s, shareholders meetings,doing a three way call with a broker…… and answering my spontaneous random questions at all times of the day.

Wow.  Its been great and I consider myself very lucky to be living in the sunshine,mountains and comfort of Colorado.

Then my fellow English teacher in Mexico,who is traveling the world writes:

I love it here in Ukraine so much, the people are alcoholic and fragile, inscrutable and fascinating, the women immortal in their precipitous heels looking like the prettiest and most graceful fawns ever born, Cyrillic is most funny when translated to the nearest visual English equivalent, there are dishes called fat with garlic, and the metros are decorated alternately like looking up a lady’s crinoline or a disco-ballroom.
And I want to put on my goals and learning’s and money earning on hold and head off into the terrain of different cultures,lands and peoples.


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