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June = Motorcycle Trip Month

June 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments · La Vida

And it has started off with a bang! So far, I seemed to have planned my months perfectly (as far as focusing on a subject each month)


I was getting up to my ears in financial pod-casts, leaps, and options and commodities, Gold baby gold……the month ended with a Flare of wild volatility in the market.  Greece was the talk and then many things I listened to say….its going to happen to us. California is in huge debt and Illinois is in even worse debt, (they aren’t even writing “IOU’s at this point.) The Euro hit a record low of $1.20. (Lets go to Europe baby!)  I was checking stocks everyday and trying to figure what the heck was going on.  Just as I began to understand that when people get nervous about the market, they pull out of their stocks and invest in gold.  Because of inflation gold is the safe bet (cash is worthless).  Then!… gold started to drop! Why?  People are pulling out completely (liquidating) opting for cash! the very thing I understood to be worthless. Hmmm. Lots and lots to learn.

New laws are affecting things and then of course the tragic BP spill is constantly in the background causing a lot of anxiety for everyone.  I feel it, because after spending days and days at sea and being fascinated by the life out there so far from shore, dolphins playing along the bow, its seems tragic to know that many of these magical creatures are going to be killed from this.  So Sad.

And so, June arrived and along with it SUMMER! and……..for me, MOTO Month!!

I took Friday off, creating a LONG weekend and did a moto trip on the Scenic San Juan Skyway and found out that………..All is okay in the world. In fact, we live in paradise.  Did you know?

Just South of Telluride


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  • Heidi Todd

    Did you love every minute. I am off to Montrose
    tomorrow and I am going to try to hike some trails in Ouray with Seba. Going to try and enjoy the paradise and not just VIEW it like I have been the past few years. Missing chatting with you.

  • Laura

    Heidi! I thought about you a lot as I zoomed through Montrose twice. Wondered what its like to grow up there. Seems like a great taking off point to all sorts of beautiful places. They redirected route 50 away from downtown and now the little motels aren’t getting any business. So Sad! They didn’t even tell the owners that they were changing the road signs 🙁
    Have a safe trip and have fun hiking in paradise with Seba…..he’ll love it!

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