July 2010

Living out my potential?

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So, it seems to be that time of month when  I question my life.  Am I  living to the full potential I’m capable?  Am I a free expression, of all that is Laura?   I guess, unfortunately, the answer in my head is a defeated……. no! I get wrapped up in the details of my everyday life, whether they are important or not……I’m not sure…  But Weeks seem to go by and I’m not sure what I’ve done or if… Read More »Living out my potential?

Enjoying Nature

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Here are some photos of my friends and I on Bierstadt last weekend.  It was a fun climb and great to get to the mountains!


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I walked into the kids (who I babysit )  Mom’s house yesterday and was so inspired by what I saw!  The walls were creatively colorful and there was art work everywhere.  There was one Large painting, in her living room, of a town called Jaffa, artist community on a hill, overlooking a harbor in Israel .  I made a personal note…… to journey there (let free, my creative self!) She had painted all her walls to match the artwork.  Hell… Read More »DeSigN

Finally a visit to the Cabin

Me, on the gruelling hike up to my special nook in the world Eli, in the cabin, taking a breather after chopping down a dead tree with a dull ax! I hadn’t been to the cabin in more than two years and I was Thrilled to find it in the best shape ever and still…….. only the lucky few know about it. (JJ if you create a map, just know that I will hunt you down and make SURE that… Read More »Finally a visit to the Cabin

Expose yourself

From Seth Godin’s Blog: Expose yourself… With so many options in media, interaction and venues, you now get to choose what you expose yourself to. Expose yourself to art, and you’ll come to appreciate it and aspire to make it. Expose yourself to anonymous scathing critics and you will begin to believe them (or flinch in anticipation of their next appearance.) Expose yourself to get-rich-quick stories and you’ll want to become one. Expose yourself to fast food ads and you’ll… Read More »Expose yourself