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Living out my potential?

July 27th, 2010 · No Comments · La Vida

So, it seems to be that time of month when  I question my life.  Am I  living to the full potential I’m capable?  Am I a free expression, of all that is Laura?   I guess, unfortunately, the answer in my head is a defeated……. no!

I get wrapped up in the details of my everyday life, whether they are important or not……I’m not sure…  But Weeks seem to go by and I’m not sure what I’ve done or if I have stayed true to my course.  I’ve come to dread this particular time of month when I start feeling like this.

My roommate suggests that I’m resisting the journey and just wanting to “be there”.  I guess, at a certain level that is true. grr. I can’t help but think our lives seem so meaningless and ridiculous.  I imagine us running around like busy ants thinking its all IMPorTANT…… but is it really?  Especially those who work for corporations (as I do right now).  I have been continually ,jaw droppingly, wide eye’edly…….amazed at the culture, the low expectations, how far people will bend because of their fears and insecurities, the qualities that are valued within the work place, the rewards, the bullish treatment by young inexperienced management, the physical environment, the ability of my co-workers to sit still for hours, the repeated boring conversations about stupid stuff, the complaining,the toiling for hours over “what’s next” scenarios ……………yikes its crazy!

Sometimes I just want to scream out into the quiet cold stale air of the office……IS this really my life??!!

Has my life really come to this?  Exactly how far will I go for some financial security???

I was quite taken by this piece of writing that came floating across my computer screen via email,  the other day from my co-worker:

“Here, closed in by off white walls, the subtle fragrance of sunlight wafts out of exit signs while human hands move with mechanistic repetition. Their closet companion the screen that stares back at them,  indifferently mimicking the blue of the sky.

Even here, where the sterility of the ordinary tries to choke off the human spirit, it limps resolutely down corridors, exchanging reserved laughter for ephemeral, yet meaningful, relationships while waiting to exit its daily incubation to dance and sing on the waves of the sun.”
And so

I jumped on a fellow’s blog (Rick’s sailing/flying/moto’ing adventures) whom I met on one of my moto trips and discovered that he is heading down to Argentina on his motorcycle with this crew.  Check them out!!!  They are out to prove the functionality of the Electric car!  Good for them, this is just what we need.  I hope they get lots of media attention.

Electric Car from Alaska to Argentina!


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