November 2010

Last Moto Trip of 2010 :-(

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I rode down to Colorado Springs and then cut over to 285 via Hwy 24.  Dreamy! As the sun set, I watched the landscape open out in front of me.  No cars on the road. Fast. Smooth. The road was like a ribbon, turning,moving up,moving down and evaporating.  The sky, open and dreamy.  Endless opportunity and possibility. The river, babbling, peaceful and mysterious.  Exhilarating!  I’m sad you put my moto away for the winter.  I look forward to Spring.


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In our new home! The first 24 hours 🙂

I finally did it!

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I made the journal that I first saw in a store and fell in love with, years ago!

Quotes from THE ELEMENT by Ken Robinson

“Discovering your element is allowing yourself access to all of the ways in which you experience yourself in the world and discovering where your own true strengths lie” “The more alive we feel, the more we can contribute to the lives others” “Intellectual growth and creativity come through embracing the dynamic nature of intelligence” “Finding your tribe can have transformitive effects on your sense of identity and purpose because of: Validation Inspiration Alchemy of synergy