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January 2011

Bored At work

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I discovered, to my delight, that the cubicle partitions, make a great backdrop for a puppet show.  So one day after I had been at work for few hours and needed some wake me up, stimulation, human contact…..  I did a little puppet show for my friend on the other side.  This got me what I wanted; some laughs, people adding their own creative elements on to it and a bit of a break from the repetition of our work. … Read More »Bored At work

Crock Pot Creations!

Eli’s parents got us a Crock pot for Christmas!  We have been having lots of fun making different dishes.

Our Neighborhood

Its quite interesting to think about what it was like 100 years ago in our neighborhood.  We live in a “colorful” neighborhood, to say the least.  Our house was built in 1896 by a fellow who owned a major cigar company in Denver.  We came across some old pictures in the Denver Public Library the other day. See above

Going Home

Leaving the warmth and kindness of Eli’s family was kind of sad….mixed with excitement to get back to our lives.  On the long road trip home, we watched this beautiful sunset somewhere in Wyoming, a state that intrigues me with its plains, its rolling hills, its wind, its grand mountains, its desolation and its Indian Reservations.

Christmas in Montana!

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I really like Montana.  The mountains and valleys with wide rivers flowing through them, feel wonderful to be in. Here is Eli’s family, except for his sister, who we visited the next day. Each of us is wearing our new hats :-).  It was one of the warmest coziest Christmas’s I have ever had.  Lots of yummy food, delicious Christmas cookies and Eli’s mom decorated the house so Christmassy. It was really great getting to know all of them and… Read More »Christmas in Montana!

Getting a Christmas Tree

(Finally I’m updating on what I’ve been up too!) Eli and were super excited to get a tree for our new place especially because we have the perfect little nook for it. There was a restaurant about 20 minutes from the Tree cutting place.  We weren’t the only ones to stop! Notice, how there is NO snow.  This winter it has hardly snowed! Here it is, decorated and in its little nook!  Makes our place cozy and inviting, more than… Read More »Getting a Christmas Tree