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March 2011

Poudre Canyon

The road leaving the Shambhala Mountain Center, followed the Poudre river.  It was so inviting, that we stopped for an hour to read in the sun as the sound of the river trickled nearby. It was so pretty, we thought we would capture the moment by a self-timed photo……not quite enough time! Eli captured an unexpected shot of me, just after I splashed the cold,fresh snow melt water on my face!   And here is the song Eli and I… Read More »Poudre Canyon

Shambhala Center

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I wanted some quiet, some nature, a way to experience time standing still. A place to reset and re-prioritize, get in tune with myself and set clear intentions.  Eli was looking for some quiet and a place to sit in a meadow and read the gazillions of books in his stack of books to read.  And so, we decided  (which was surprisingly hard to find) that the Shambhala Mountain Center would be an excellent place to spend a long quiet… Read More »Shambhala Center

Trip from home

on the bicycle!  I wanted so badly to get away this weekend and experience differet sights,sounds,feelings.  I’m feeling very blah about work and it seemed to be the longest week ever.  We didn’t have much money to work with (otherwise I would have suggested we hop a place and go see the ocean!)  So we decided to head up to Golden on our bicycles.   It was a long haul (although neither of us were tired!) and so refreshingly different!

Inner Life

Everyone has an inner life; its just a matter of opening it.  What Parker Palmer wisely suggests is that we can only feel something to the degree that we are willing to meet its depth  Just as we must open our eyes – must raise our lids – to see, we must raise our barriers and open our hearts and minds, if we are to see and feel the essence of the life around us. To develop our own inner… Read More »Inner Life


I’ve been thinking about kids a lot lately.  They bring out a joy in me that seems otherwise dormant.  I haven’t gotten to babysit my little buddy in awhile and I’m missing his presence!   The other night, my mom and I went out to eat Mexican food and were deep in discussion when I heard a banging on the glass partition window that separated us from the bar.  A little boy was Thrilled that he could see his parents  on the other side of the room, through the glass and was banging on it to get their attention.  He was completely oblivious to us, purely focused on his game and excitingly awaiting their warm familiar smiles.

His bang, jolted my mom and I out of our conversation and I looked, to the sound startled.  Staring back at me was this little boy, he looked a little startled himself.  So intense was his focus towards his parents that he hadn’t noticed us sitting right there.  After a few seconds, he gave me a big grin and then looked on to his parents.Read More »kids!


Yesterday, Eli and I walked into St. John’s Cathedral, near the capital.  A beautiful building who’s prominent strong presence cannot be overlooked.  Inside, it was SO deliciously quiet. The vaulted ceiling, with its majestic arches and colorful stain glass windows held a  deeply spiritual air.   All this, while the city bustled inches from its doors.Read More »Prayer