I’ve been thinking about kids a lot lately.  They bring out a joy in me that seems otherwise dormant.  I haven’t gotten to babysit my little buddy in awhile and I’m missing his presence!   The other night, my mom and I went out to eat Mexican food and were deep in discussion when I heard a banging on the glass partition window that separated us from the bar.  A little boy was Thrilled that he could see his parents  on the other side of the room, through the glass and was banging on it to get their attention.  He was completely oblivious to us, purely focused on his game and excitingly awaiting their warm familiar smiles.

His bang, jolted my mom and I out of our conversation and I looked, to the sound startled.  Staring back at me was this little boy, he looked a little startled himself.  So intense was his focus towards his parents that he hadn’t noticed us sitting right there.  After a few seconds, he gave me a big grin and then looked on to his parents.

At work last night, in the entrance to our office building, I was trying to help a father and his little boy figure out where suite 200 was.  The little boy was swinging around with his arms going ever which way and accidentally crashed into me.  I touched his head and asked if he was okay.  The father apologized profusely. But for me, it felt good, to have this young,fun, wild, alive little energetic human being around me.   Especially because I was about to head back to my cubicle where my co-workers are energy-less, sighing and announcing how tired they are and how time is going sooo slow and they can’t wait till Friday……even though its Monday.

I’m starting to think I need to surround myself by these little people more…..Perhaps get back into teaching of some kind?

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