May 2011

Its a New Day!

It has been raining so ALOT  in Denver!  It’s reminding me what it’s like to live in Portland.  The sun rose this morning through a raincloud, casting off a beautiful morning light and emphasizing how GREEN everything is!  Here is  the scene from our upstairs balcony.

May = Month To Make Things

Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on…..Pizza!  Delicious   With homemade crust (with our new bread maker Eli’s parents…thank you!) kale, kalamata olives ,garlic,red onion,mini portobello mushrooms and sauce,spiced up with our very own, homegrown basil and rosemary! (Heidi, this is what I’m talking about! and served on the special plates it is quite an occasion :-)) A leather journal.  This is a project I love to do.  The paper is hand torn with my bone cutter. A… Read More »May = Month To Make Things

Denver Botanic Gardens

Last Friday was “free day” at the Botanic Gardens.  Although we didn’t know it, we were pleasantly surprised to find this out.  The Gardens are beautiful!  You really get the sense, walking around that you are witness to some amazing artisans work.  The craft, love,care and expertise behind these beautiful gardens must be incredible! It was a beautiful sunny day and Eli and I had a blast walking around and  taking pictures,seeing how everything was built (Eli) and just generally… Read More »Denver Botanic Gardens